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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  June 17, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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tornadoes are reported in wisconsin overnight ... from the same system that spawned two twisters in nebraska. a teenager's body is recovered in lake michigan off whiting, indiana. we'll have the latest in a *live report. and the u-s defeats ghana in its opening match of the world cup. we'll have local reaction. good morning. i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. >> grant park was packed. a good day. >> onto the next round. >> i like how we say here we go we are going to win ... >> portugal will be stopped. but as we are soccer experts. there
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are two halves i know. let's take a look. today, temperatures once again really warm outside. there that you wear. warm conditions. you know that it's really feeling like afternoon. by a very mild temperatures today will be 11 degrees above the average. 79 degrees already. typically we make 81. areas which have seen the rain had also seen the cooled down. 66 in waukegan. nine degrees cooler in some areas. the radar shows light showers across the area heavier rain continues to do well off to the north. here's the day planner pierre take your
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umbrella there is a good chance of showers and storms to develop again tonight. our temperature will fall down to 72 tonight. >> i have one crash early on at 57 heading south bound at 111. watch for an added delay. otherwise the rest of the roads look good. some overnight roadwork the we will review and a few minutes. >>we begin with breaking news this morning out of wisconsin. there are reports of two tornadoes in the madison, wisconsin, area. one in madison .... that did damage to a neighborhood. a roof was torn off a house ... and windows were blown out of several homes. the other reported tornado was in verona ... and it did damage to an elementary school. no injuries have been reported. the national weather service won't be able to confirm the tornadoes until later this morning. university of wisconsin- platteville is closed today because of extensive storm damage. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. in nebraska, tornadoes killed at least two people and injured 16
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others. andrew spencer reports, they also cut a wide swath of damage. >> as the tornado moved through you can see it destroyed buildings in the distance, kicking up debris into the air and across the highway there is a glimpse of what can only be more devastation, another tornado. >> there is the other one. >> another ankle gives a look at the rare double tornado, part of the destructive force. >> i've been telling people for many years and never seen one of my whole life and i lived in northeastern nebraska. so casas on the today i wish i'd never seen. >> whole blocks of houses are destroyed. all of the business districts, the co-op everything is gone. >> severe weather caused the damage in several towns as the
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tornadoes killed or injured and destroy the livelihood. >> machinery's are all gone weekend farm for the rest of the year because all our tools were in there. we can't feed the cattle. >> as officials try to determine how much damage it caused the people start the long process of cleaning up and rebuilding. >>the united states is deploying as many as 275 troops to iraq, to assist with securing the u.s. embassy in baghdad. 170 of them are already in place. islamist militants are expected to attack the capital city within days, and try to seize control of the iraqi government. the white house says iraqi leaders have approved the new american deployment. american warships have moved into position in the persian gulf, in the event president obama decides to launch airstrikes against the militants. so far, he has refused to commit combat troops to the region. the body of a swimmer reported missing in lake michigan has been found.
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nancy loo is *live in whiting with the story. >> the body was found late last night three hours after the teenager jumped off a pier here at the beach around 7:30 p.m.. identified as 18 year-old jose alcazar. . soon after he jumped in his friends jumped back in as well. they were able to make it back to the. they waited for rescue by the coast guard but the victim did not resurface. his body was formed nearly 50 ft. away from the pier. rescue crews used sonar to eventually locate the body. the indiana department of natural resources is leading the investigation. it's not known if the boy knew how to swim. the area is clearly marked with signs discouraging people from getting into the lake from the pier.
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>> no sign no diving people still want to enter this is 20 ft. off the water that's a significant drop. once you get in the water it's only about 60 degrees with a strong current. >> officials who track drownings in the great lakes say the number is up significantly this year already there have been 23 or 24 until yesterday. live in a waiting period back to you. >> authorities say this was an rescue crews risky crews pulledf a car that went through into the water last night. >> evidently somebody drove their car in and went down. all the sudden we heard a breaking noise and then a big loud noise. >> buried deep. lots of rocks
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and water lots going on. it would be hard for anybody to see anything. >> authorities say the water really slow down the rescue and there is no cause the the know of for the accident. chicago police are looking for more than a thousand people who took money from a flash mob. it was all captured on security video. 17 people went into the superstore at 75 and stoney island they loaded their own and the bags with clothing and then try to take off. some got away but others dropped the bags and ran. >> $5,000 worth of merchandise. the employees try to stop them but they were overpowered. >> stealing is court delayed to in the same predicament you came from it will only make matters worse. >> authorities say this was an isolated incident and they are working with the community to catch the thieves. an investigation is underway,
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after a boy was electrocuted and died at a south suburban rail yard. a metra spokesman says five boys got inside the rail yard last night in university park. 13-year-old marcellus martin climbed on top of a parked train and was electrocuted. a 17-year-old boy was charged as a juvenile with misdemeanor trespassing. the others are being questioned. officials are looking into whether there was any security to keep people out of the restricted area. a group of nuns in stone park has filed a lawsuit against the village and a strip club ... saying the gentleman's club is operating too close to a place of worship. the sisters of saint charles borromeo say since "club allure" opened in their backyard last september, they have been plagued with drunken fights, blinking neon lights, loud noise and other problems. the lawsuit claims the club's location violates a state law against operating adult entertainment within one- thousand feet of a school or place of worship. an attorney for stone park says that law is unconstitutional. world cup fever was in full effect in chicago during team u- s-a's first match. check out the crowd that watched the game at grant park.
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about five-thousand total strangers cheered side by side as the u-s pulled ahead of ghana toward the end of their match. that came just minutes after ghana had tied it. but then defender john brooks got his head on a corner kick and put the goal in the net... and the grant park crowd went wild. >> cheering about the win. >> no more heartbreak! no more pain. we finally beat them! >>fans will have plenty of time to let this victory soak in. the next game for the u-s is not until sunday, against portugal. a boater in florida caught a memorable ride on a whale shark. captain jamie bostwich is a charter captain. he spotted the giant shark -- 30 feet long -- off the coast of sarasota. so he jumped in, grabbed a fin, and *rode the beast. whale sharks are a protected species... and humans are supposed to stay at least six feet away from them... though
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it's not actually illegal to touch them. jamie says the shark hung around for about 20 minutes, and didn't seem to mind the attention. i don't know about that. >> this seems like a bad idea. >> speaking for the shark ... one was the last time you wrote a shark? >> can i still sell the story on tv? >> i didn't mean it like that. >> no video it didn't happen. let's talk about the potential we have for severe thunderstorms. in some areas we have the ingredients to see some strong if not severe storms today. it will be more later. right now we generally call conditions. we're looking out for the potential for storms later. we find a big line of storms beginning to cross portions of eastern iowa. another line to the north is the
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one that rocked the tornado in the madison area. the prepared because today could be a stormy day. today, 91 degrees. 92 on wednesday. thursday we make 87. more on our potential storms in a moment. coming up a jury in florida will decide if one man's use of marijuana is medically necessary. >> latest on the wildfires out west one is contained the other is fanned by strong wind. >> and astronauts are getting a coffee machine at the international space station. international space station. that's coming up. oll, we say ♪
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♪ we want you to be okay ♪ enroll, we say ♪ take care people for goodness sake ♪ three homes are already
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destroyed, and a thousand more are in danger, as a smoky wildfire rages, northeast of bakersfield, california. so far, the fire has blackened about a 2-mile square of trees and brush. firefighters are using helicopters and air tankers to try to put out the so-called "shirley fire"... but it's currently only 10-percent contained. dry winds are fanning the flames... and now, power lines and communication facilities are in the fire's path. families in two new mexico communities are evacuated -- as a wildfire is spreading in the chuska mountains. officials say the fire was started by someone burning leaves. already more than 10-thousand acres have burned.
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that's about 15 square miles -- and it's likely to get worse. there's no reported injuries, and no homes or businesses have been destroyed. more than 800 firefighters are working to get the fire under control. a man in florida is on trial this week for growing marijuana he says is medically necessary for his health. 50-year-old jesse teplicki was arrested last year for growing 46 marijuana plants. he says he needs the marijuana to treat his anorexia - which he claims he's had since birth and is a genetic condition. teplicki says the marijuana stimulates his appetite and reduces nausea. this is the first time in florida that a jury will decide if marijuana is medically necessary. if it's hard finding a good cup of coffee at work, imagine what it's like if you worked in outer space. well help is on the way for the astronauts on the international space station. a coffee company and an engineering company joined forces on this. it's called the i-s-s-presso. it's the first espresso maker designed to withstand space travel. this came after italian astronauts complained about the
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lack of good coffee 260-miles above the earth. the 44-pound machine will be delivered to the space station in november. so if the astronauts can have that i can figure out why we can't police get hot water around here for a six hour show. >> everything starts off in space it's called space age technology. it will, eventually. we have a tornado watch in effect until 9:00 a.m.. pineda watched as not mean we have any on the ground or that we are really expecting them. it just means conditions are favorable for the development there is potential for thunderstorms possibly severe today. one of those mornings were you have to be diligent. that's until 9:00 a.m.. this is the entire viewing area. as we look at the radar, we have a call in the action. bruce tornadoes or up north in portions of wisconsin. we know there is a history of this with storms moving through. we are on
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the lookout. out to the west we have anything coming our way. we do find a line here that will cause some ring wind damage. we are on the lookout this is one of those mornings we just have to make sure you keep something handy to follow weather reports like a radio or internet or watch us on television because things can change really quickly. here's our computer model showing in line of well defined storms moving through cutting through at the tail end of our rush hour commute. the potential is out there for some severe weather and for tornadoes that we are looking out for. here's our forecast. right now things are column. 79 degrees right now. wind at 17. 66 in waukegan. 79 at the lakefront.
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today we have morning scattered storms potentially severe. 91 degrees is the high temperature today down to 72 tonight most clouded with scattered storms developing. 92 on wednesday. thursday we make 87. let's go to traffic. >> good morning. in the last 10 minutes we heard about some kind of police activity on the bishop ford. it may have been a police chase all lanes were blocked in each direction that was right around 154. then they were on the northbound side with all lands blocked but word is they have just opened all lanes in both directions. just a slight and bring delay on the northbound. let's look at the overnight roadwork heading in bound the ramp 2290 is blocked for work also was bound to 90 closed until 5 take west bound to the kennedy and flipper round at racine as your alternates. >>coming up ... general motors
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is recalling another three million defective cars. and next in sports -- team u-s- a scored really early and really late, in a first match thriller against ghana. we'll have highlights. hey marcus! >> you know like to talk about new inventions whenever we find them. this one today it's a cop for people with mobility issues and it was designed by local 11 year-old. it's a big cool story coming up.
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but new tide oxi... ...has more than 225 household uses both inside and outside the wash. just take some tide oxi... ...and some water. and tide that. tide oxi, now you can tide that. it took a kid with chicago
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lineage to rescue the u.s. against a team that knocked them out of the world cup in 2006 and 2010. america against, which as a nation reduced its electrical consumption so everybody would have enough juice to watch on tv. usa fans in the crowd looking for a goal did not have to wait long. 30 seconds. as long as it took dempsey to shake a defender in traffic and then than one off the post in. fastest goal ever for the u.s. in world cup play. it's tied in the 82nd minutes. but four minutes later john brooks whose father was born here in chicago gets a corner kick u.s. back in front first goal ever
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from an american sub in the world cup they get to play against portugal on sunday. we're sorry to report the passing of hall of famer tony ywynn. he may have been the best ever been akin to putting a cap on a baseball. in 20 years 3141 hits. a career 338 batting average. more than 10,000 at bats he struck out only 434 *. as good a person as he was a player his death at 54 casts a shadow over the white sox gulf adding on monday. >> anytime you lose anybody it's very sad. but i think the baseball world will miss a great guy and a great player. >> one of the greatest hitters we have ever seen. you know how it goes in sports. he's a guy you never hear a bad word about.
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that says it all. >> the veteran blackhawks forward it is being let go by the kings. that's morning sports. >>and one more sports note --- the cubs get a win over the marlins, in miami ... 5-to-4... thanks to pitcher travis woods' pinch hit double in the 13-th inning. we'll have game highlights ahead at five. stocks tick *up despite fears over deepening crisis in iraq. the dow gained five points. the nsdaq rose ten. and the s-and-p added one. general motors is launching yet another major car recall. three million vehicles will have to be inspected for a new ignition switch problem. it started with an earlier ignition switch flaw that was blamed for 13 deaths. this one is different. all g-m has to do is modify each car's ignition key... it'll start replacing the keys in a few weeks. the recall involves midsize and large cars that are mostly out of production. for a complete listing of the cars involved, visit our website, w-g-n-t-v dot com.
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the exhibit honoring world war two hero butch o'hare is moving to a new home at o'hare airport. last night, crews began moving the f-4-f-3 wildcat fighter aircraft from it's current location inside terminal two. the old plane was carefully lifted and moved by a team of specialists. the exhibit will be installed in a new location at the north end of terminal two - where it will be visible to more people at the airport, as well the roadway. the exhibit was originally installed in 1997 as a tribute to o'hare, who died during the war. a re-dedication ceremony will take place next month. is it getting rough out there? >> the potential is out there really all across the country there could be problems. there was the killer tornado in wisconsin. the national weather service is ahead of this so we have a tornado watch issued it will be in effect until 9:00 a.m.. that does not mean we have tornadoes spotted or that are developing. it just means we have conditions that are
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favorable. basically we had a stormy night. a history of storms blowing in this area of the country to the watch is in effect to give everybody the heads up that the ingredients are there. generally we are try right now. strong conditions up to the north. at this hour we stay dry just check the reports to make sure you are prepared if things do develop and turned to the worse later. 79 degrees. warm conditions today 89 degrees by 2:00 p.m. we reached the low 90s later. >> delays on the bishop ford in both directions around 154. that's because of an earlier police chase. this started in calumet city and ended here around 154. all lanes are open but they did have liens shut down in both directions 10 minutes ago. that's why you see some slow spots there. elsewhere we are dealing with the clark
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street bridge work once again on the downtown riverfront. that's all for the chicago riverfront project. clark close from kinsey to wacker right over the river. rerouting the number 2 buses as well. it will be closed until friday. >> more to come, >> and new video of the damage caused by the tornadoes in wisconsin and nebraska. >> and troops go to iraq as the violence intensified as. violence intensified as. >> and the president's daughter
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so i get invited to quite a few family gatherings. heck, i saved judith here a fortune with discounts like safe driver, multi-car, paperless. you make a mighty fine missus, m'lady. i'm not saying mark's thrifty. let's just say, i saved him $519, and it certainly didn't go toward that ring. am i right? [ laughs ] [ dance music playing ] so visit today. i call this one "the robox."
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damage caused by tornadoes that struck overnight in wisconsin, and the midwest. a teen-ager's body is recovered in lake michigan. >> a group of nuns is suing a suburban strip club. details coming up next. >>and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. we have a stormy start with rain coming down and there is potential for worse? >> we do have a tornado watch in effect are there. that does not mean there is a tornado cited or
4:31 am
reported. just note there are storms that have histories of producing tornado's with this front moving through it's just sitting here for the next few days. here's the radar we did have tornadoes in wisconsin. some in nebraska. but right now in our region sometimes you just have to take a snapshot. we are dry with com conditions. that air mass with the humidity is all there. the computer model is on top of this. it shows a well defined line moving across cook county. that tornado watch does include cook county until 9:00 a.m.. this is just after it expires will see how this panned out. it away it's one of those mornings were you have to be diligent. it's going to be a very warm day. our height reaching 91 degrees. more on the storm threat and the seven days forecast in a few minutes. >> we do have some big ran closures this morning. one of them is traveling in bound on
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the kennedy. the ramp to the ike is blocked off until 5:00. heading west bound on the eisenhower the ramp is also closed until 5:00. think about flipping back on the kennedy to get yourself going south bound this morning. >> madison, wisconsin. to tornadoes have been reported. one of them caused heavy damage to a neighborhood. a roof was torn off a house ... and windows were blown out of several others. the other reported tornado, in nearby verona, damaged an elementary school. but so far, no injuries are reported. the national weather service won't be able to confirm the tornadoes until later this morning. the university of wisconsin- platteville is closed today because of extensive storm damage. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. in nebraska, at least two people are dead, 16 other injured, as a rare encounter with multiple tornadoes.
4:33 am
the town of pilger sustained some of the heaviest damage. a storm chaser's video showed debris from buildings being thrown into the air. >> i've never seen a tornado and my life and yet i a group in northeast nebraska. i got to season the today i wish i never had. >> hold blocks of houses are destroyed. all of the business districts, the co-op all the grain bins are gone. >>it'll take some time to assess the full scope of the damage. many of the local nebraska farmers will have to shut down for the year, because all of their machinery was carried away by a twister. the united states is deploying as many as 275 troops to iraq, to assist with securing the u.s. embassy in baghdad. 170 of them are already in place. islamist militants are expected to attack the capital city any time now... and try to seize control of the iraqi government. iraqi leaders have approved the new american deployment. but our terrorism analyst says,
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the new troops will see limited action. >> they will be protecting the green zone and our interests but unless the iraqi military stepped up, and really fights this hard, there's not a lot we can do. >>american warships have moved into position in the persian gulf, in the event president obama decides to launch airstrikes against the militants. so far, he has refused to commit combat troops to the region. the body of a swimmer reported missing in lake michigan has been found. nancy loo is *live in whiting with the story. >> the body was recovered late last night. three hours after a teenager jumped off a pier at the beach. identified as 18 year-old jose alcazar. soon after he jumped into the lake three of his friends jumped in after him. they were able to
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make it back to the support beams of a new fishing pier to wait for rescue by the coast guard. but the victim did not resurface. witnesses say he was clearly struggling to stay afloat before going under. his body was found nearly 50 ft. away from the. which is just south of the casino. rescue crews used sonar and other equipment to locate the body. not known if he knew how to swim. the area is clearly marked with signs discouraging people from jumping off the pier. >> even on a call in day the water has a swirling action. somebody can get into trouble quickly then you add in the water temperature in the '60s. >> officials to track drownings in the great lakes said the number is up significantly by 47 percent so far this year. that's 23 drownings as of last night. back to you.
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>>taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. one person is dead after a car crashed into a water filled quarry in ottawa. the car sped through an intersection before it crashed through a gate and fell in a 70- foot hole. rescue crews pulled out a male, but his name and age were not released. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a group of nuns in stone park has filed a lawsuit against the village and a strip club - saying the gentleman's club is operating too close to a place of worship. the sisters of saint charles say since "club allure" opened in their backyard last september, they have had numerous problems with the club. the lawsuit claims it's location violates a state law against operating adult entertainment within one- thousand feet of a school or place of worship. investigation is underway into people who stole thousands in a flash mob robbery. they went into a store and 75 and stone and loaded their own bags with clothing and try to take off. some got away others dropped
4:37 am
their bags and ran. >> chicago's city hall is no longer regulated by the shock when decree. the 40 year-old settlement says that it can be trusted with the future hiring. it was designed to keep politics out of hiring put in place after patronage hiring was popular in the '70s which led to new rules of hiring. even including a hiring monitor to watch city hall. enough progress has been made apparently. >> none of us thinks it means there will never be another example of patronage hiring in the city or public deployment into that. it's not realistic to expect but it is realistic to expect and to recognize the city has put in place systems and people and the commitment to clean up their act. >> to one people filed objections. aide testified in court. the mayor also testified saying the city needs to earn the people's trust every day. >> an investigation is
4:38 am
underway, regulated by the so- called a meteorologist became part of the story of some breaking news during her forecast. >> i'm so sorry. this is live on air. >>oklahoma city meteorologist danielle dozier felt the earth moving, live on the air. she was shocked at first, but then she was eventually able to "get it together" and continue. she guessed it was a "four point oh" magnitude, and she wasn't far off. the quake ended up being a "four point three." >> and suppression shock she was on the air. >> was surprises me is that the station must channel five because they did a 5 + 5 forecast. 10 days? is that when you take away from this. >> 10 days from now we have no idea if it's going to rain or snow.
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>> you are on live television right now. did you know that? this is live. >> tornado watch has been issued by the national weather service. that means conditions are favorable for the development. the have not been spotted they're not on the ground they're not reported. just know the ingredients are there that if we see strong or severe storms we have potential for tornadoes to develop. what we saw yesterday and last night has a history of producing these storms. all this red across the county's means you should be prepared if things take a turn for the worse. we have the potential for strong storms and of course the ingredients are there for the development. right now we are column. we have a break in the action most of the storms were to the north earlier overnight but we're watching this complex conditions as they continue to cross into portions of illinois. we think it could tap into some instability and
4:40 am
take up strong storms. the computer model shows a line moving through. this is the tail end of a rush hour. maybe some strong storms rumbling through. it will be a rough go this afternoon we move towards colmar the still warm conditions. wind out of the south at 17. a 66 in waukegan. at the lakefront is 76 and juliet. much cooler to the north where they have seen the rain overnight. 91 degrees is a high today. 72 tonight. tomorrow we reach 92. more showers and thunderstorms are possible. back to you. >> still ahead, a popular cartoon show gets a modern day reboot. >> cave see boots a young girl from its restaurant over her appearance. >> and the dictator in north korea is trending this morning. will find out what it's up to. >> we haven't heard much from him lately. him lately. >> he is the full story of sergeant bowe
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bergdahl's disappearance, capture and release by the taliban is yet to be known. but already, there's a bergdahl *movie in the works. screenwriter mark boal and director kathryn bigelow are developing a script already. they were the driving forces behind "the hurt locker" and "zero dark thirty." there's no timetable for the
4:44 am
movie's release, because there are still many unanswered questions about bergdahl's ordeal... and the *ending of the story is still unknown. the nephew of the patriarch of the duck dynasty t-v family says he's running for congress in louisiana. 36-year-old zach dasher says he has the support of his famous uncle, phil robertson, and his family. dasher is running for the seat of representative vance mcallister. mcallister was caught earlier this year on surveillance video kissing a married woman who worked in his office. mcallister hasn't said if he's running for re-election. he was elected last year with the support of the duck dynasty family. that is a juicy story. >> when in doubt run for congress. if the stories and trending online. we told you yesterday that a little girl and her family were kicked out of a k-f-c restaurant in mississippi, because of the severe scars on the child's face. an employee said victoria
4:45 am
wilcher's appearance made the other diners uncomfortable. now, k-f-c's corporate offices have issued an apology... and more. the company will pay 30 thousand dollars toward victoria's medical bills. she was wounded and disfigured in a pit bull attack. team u-s-a won its first match in the world cup. they beat ghana two-one. the u-s had its fastest score in tournament history, when clint dempsey scored in 29- seconds. the u-s kept that one goal lead until ghana tied it with eight minutes left. but then john brooks scored by getting his head on a corner kick, just a few minutes later. the next game for the u-s is sunday, against portugal. north korean leader kim jong un has been checking out his navy's ride. submarine number 7-4-8, is actually a soviet sub from the 19-50's. that may explain some of the rust that you see on the exterior, which can't be good for keeping out water. kim also took a turn with the periscope. he guided the submarine on its course, even though he has no known experience at sea. >> there are a lot of the ships
4:46 am
in better shape. >> kim jung un in water. >> the power puff girls are returning. the hit tv show will return in 2016. the trio of super heroes aired on the cartoon network from 1998-2004 and won two emmy awards. they say they are returning to overwhelming demand for sugar and spice. it sounds like our traffic team. >> all my letters worked! >> you were ready like to a week for a year. >> about 10 years. finally paid off! >> somehow we go from powder puff to a tornado watch. >> you are stuck with that. >> let's look at this. we don't have any tornadoes on the ground
4:47 am
which is good news. that's a disaster right now. the tornado watch goes until 9:00 a.m.. this is for all the counties in red meeting conditions are favorable for the development. basically be on the lookout. the already have strong thunderstorms be on the lookout is coming in from the west. showers and storms will develop this is going to be a wicked line. it's going to wake a lot of people up but it's not a severe thunderstorm at this hour. the computer model forecast shows the rain continuing to move through. we could kick up some strong storms today. with dry out this afternoon and tuesday will be a hot one in nine degrees by this afternoon. >> dealing with overnight construction this morning. heading in bound on the kennedy the ramp is blocked off all picked up the top of the hour so shouldn't be an issue for many commuters heading out after that point. otherwise the rest of the
4:48 am
rows are looking good. >> the morning powder puff. >> would love to tell you about kids doing great things. i always love the stories. today we have one about an 11 year-old who developed a cup to help her grandfather who has parkinson's. >> i'm the inventor of this cut. >> 11 years old, her grandfather has parkinson's disease she noticed he was struggling with everyday tasks like picking up a cup of water so she had an idea. >> i put my mind together it took a few minutes i realized why not put legs on it? >> it turns out ingenuity runs and her family. her father is a full-time inventor. >> i would say how come to solve this problem? how can i take it and make a more stable? >> here's the final product. the called the can recall. a 9 oz
4:49 am
cup on three legs. >> which took the mobile plastic which is just like clay and then she molded three legs that stuck out the side. and then he can use that. see if it works. >> of my favorite part is that it won't, you don't need a coaster. somebody will yell at me if i forget to move the coaster. >> it solves your problem. >> it does. >> they pitched their product and raised all the funds they needed to get going and then some. >> the biggest thing i've ever worked on. the product has been so well received. i've been doing this for 20 years of never seen the outpouring of support for anything like this. to us it's just a spill but if you have mobility issues any spill a lot, it's a real loss of
4:50 am
confidence and independence and dignity. the impact is so tremendous. >> the next step for the cup is perfection. the design team is hard at work making sure a plastic model is just right before it hopefully its stores. >> the handles have more to them so you know you hold the ceramic ones and it's hard to get a good grip on it which goes against it being user-friendly. >> i think there's a lot of potential. it's really taken off on line with the press we have gotten. the story is so great. >> remember the first time showed this to your grandfather and he used it? what was that like? >> heat was really happy. and it finally gave him some independence and dignity. and i was really grateful. >> to learn more about the
4:51 am
camera copy to go to their website. they link to the page where you can order the cut. so far they've raised $45,000. so this is going to go great. people wanted for all types of reasons. will talk about that. >> time for the early bird special. >> our national anthem turns 200 who wrote the star spangled banner? if you know the answer launch or website you can win four tickets and the navy pier parking pass. the winner will be chosen later today. >> coming up, the president's job daughter gets a job in television. >> and justin bieber makes music with another artist. >> did you say beautiful music? >> they make beautiful music. 's
4:52 am
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4:54 am
been upgraded to fair, after a crash that initially left him critically injured. morgan was riding in a limo car, when it was hit by a walmart truck on the new jersey turnpike earlier this month. he suffered broken ribs and a broken nose. at a broken femur.
4:55 am
broken nose, and a broken femur. >> chris brown and justin bieber have been leading up to collaborate on a new song. on friday he posted a picture with the caption yesterday. and monday this one in the studio and saying he and chris brown did one together. >>first daughter malia obama is getting a taste of the t-v business this summer. the 15-year-old aspiring filmmaker is working as a production assistant on halle berry's t-v show, "extant". malia has reportedly been helping on the show's los angeles set. no word on when she left the white house for california or how long she'll stay there but her parents paid her a visit on friday when they visited palm springs. a busy morning was happening? >> it is busy. looking back to zero storms night, you're just on the lookout with a watch in effect for all the county's use
4:56 am
he shaded in red. basically all of chicago. also a severe thunderstorm warning for a line of storms moving to rockford. potentially a stormy morning potentially a stormy morning right now. 91 degrees today.
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